Please DO

  • Print out a directory of your supplied disk.

  • Print out updated & separated lasers.

  • Include all of your fonts used in your document & your art pieces (if any).

  • Include all linked art images.

  • Put all TIFF's in a fill of white (where applicable).

  • Pull out 1/8" bleed (where applicable).

  • Remove all unused colors from color list.

  • Only include files to be imaged on the supplied disk.

  • Provide dummy which indicates trims, bleeds, and folds etc.

  • Be sure to delete extraneous page elements placed on pasteboard.

  • Crop and rotate images prior to placement within page layout.

  • Be sure scans have a final image resolution of 1.5 or 2 times the screen ruling.

  • Be sure to define colors as CMYK/process, unless you definitely want to run spot colors.

  • Create blends in Photoshop with "noise" added to reduce banding.

Please DON'T

  • Do not use hairline rules (specify as .25).

  • Do not save images as JPEG.

  • Do not save images in RGB mode.

  • Do not rename graphic files after they have been placed in the page layout program.

  • Do not stylize your fonts.

  • Do not use rich black on type any smaller than 18 pt.

  • Do not use True Type fonts.

  • Do not use Pict files or Window Metafiles.


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